Personal Learning Network (PLN)

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PLNWho and what do you learn from?  That is the question I asked myself when I begin mapping my personal learning network (PLN).  You can see from the image that I reach out and learn in a lot of different ways.  The four categories that I came up with include People, Professional Development, Social Media and the World Wide Web.  Having these resources allows me to connect with all kinds of educators, near and far.
The internet opens up a whole door of possibilities that once never existed.  Twitter for example is something I am relatively new to, but quickly learned that it is an awesome way to connect with teachers and educational professionals and is extremely easy to do so.  Pinterest is another way to see all the neat ideas teachers have out there.  Teachers used to have to collect ideas and pin them to a physical bulletin board which didn’t allow for much collaboration.  Now we have digital pin boards through Pinterest where everyone can share ideas.
In education, I believe that collaboration is key and my PLN makes that clear.  It is a flexible network that is always changing and growing as I become aware of new resources, meet new professionals, and discover different social media platforms.

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    […] world of possibilities.  In a previous assignment in the MAET program, I looked deeply at my own personal learning network (PLN) and reflected on the importance of having an ever growing PLN.  I also realized how […]


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