Quickfire-Popcorn Maker

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This blog post was a collaboration between Erin Dennis and me.

Building an educational video is not an easy process, even when it involves finding pre-created materials remixed together into something new. We wanted to try to make things easier on ourselves by choosing a topic that lends itself to this format, so we picked Digital Storytelling.

Our first struggle came with trying to get everything to line up in the timeline.  We decided to start with a video and wanted to figure out how to get text to line up with an action in the video. Looking back, this was probably not a wise thing to do as this was our very first attempt at using Popcorn Maker and this action requires a lot of skill.

As we started adding in images, we realized that we were having a pretty severe difficulty: we couldn’t move text around on the screen.  After much playing, we determined that it was a problem with trying to use Popcorn Maker on a chromebook (Popcorn Maker WILL work on a chromebook, but not every feature plays very nicely, so don’t try to do anything too finicky).

Once we switched devices, things started to move along a lot nicer and we could actually divide the work.

Afterword: As we were finishing up, we were reminded that we should not have used an audio track in our creation of  the video, so, were we to do this again, we would add in more pop-ups to explain Digital Storytelling rather than a narration track. Remember to read the assignment!

Without further adieu, here is our Quickfire Popcorn Maker video on Digital Storytelling..


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