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I bought this piece but would love to create something similar myself!
I bought this piece but would love to create something similar myself!
Have you ever asked yourself, “What do I WANT to learn?”  Not what do I HAVE to learn but rather, what is something I’ve always wanted to learn?  If you’re like me, you probably get caught up in other things and what you want to learn gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Not this time.  In fact, I am required to learn something new for one of my courses in the MAET program.  The catch here is that we are only allowed to use YouTube and other internet forums for information on how to complete our chosen task.
We have been learning about personal learning networks (PLNs) in class and the important role they play in extending our knowledge. PLNs are an important tool because we can learn a great deal by connecting with other people.  When I mind mapped my PLN I had online networks and in person networks.  For this assignment, we are only allowed to use the online help.  I believe we are doing this project to show the value of this kind of learning and discover ways that we may be able to incorporate this kind of instruction in our own lesson planning.
I am excited about this task as it finally gives me a reason to tackle one of my 65 pinned craft projects on my Pinterest board!  Since I went straight to Pinterest to find my idea, I even used my PLN to come up with my goal of what to learn.  Let’s just hope this isn’t a “Pinterest Fail”!
I have decided to learn how to create a piece of wood wall art using either reclaimed wood pallets or wood purchased from a store and distressing it, whichever the tutorials I read say is best.  I recently moved and my walls are still quite bare.  I am in love with the reclaimed wood looking art (shabby chic)  and have always wanted to try my hand at creating a masterpiece.  I just never had the time to do it until now. I am nervous but optimistic, and excited to get started.  I have already stumbled upon a few resources that I can use, Shanty 2 Chic, Storypiece, and Craig Hurst’s YouTube video, and I’m sure I will be finding many more.  Check back often as I will be blogging about my progress.

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